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Do what makes you happy : )

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My relationship being with a poly is different than most poly relationships I have heard and/or read about before. My partner is not really someone who just feels like he needs to have an emotional or physical connection with just anyone other than myself or his son’s mother (outside of…

Communication is key

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We are now going thru one of our phases where the group chat isn’t so lit lately.  We were going about a month or so strong with the 3 of us all talking to each other daily via our group chat.  Mostly memes and entertainment but for me it was…

Let’s start with the backstory

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Real life … Im in love with a polyamory. Yes you read that correctly, I am a woman who believes in monogamous relationships but my partner on the other hand is more of a believer in a polyamorous lifestyle. We met each other about 4 years ago and when we…